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Hair Sculpting And Styling in Arlington, TX

Are you passionate about hair sculpting and styling? If so, become a barber with State Barber School. Located in Arlington, TX, we offer an exciting opportunity for those looking to get into the industry. Call and learn more about our barber training courses today.

Become a Licensed Class A Barber

Our 1,500-hour Class A Barber course involves both theory and practical lessons, giving you all the skills you will need to succeed with hair sculpting and styling in Arlington, TX. The class is also paired with additional business sessions, helping you manage your income and start your own business properly.

For your own convenience, you can even choose your class schedule to meet your need. Flexible class scheduling is available for morning and evening classes, with several separate class options. These include:

A 9-Month Class
40 Hours of Class Time per Week)
A 12-Month Class
(30 Hours of Class Time per Week)
A Part-Time 18-Month Class
(20 Hours of Class Time per Week)
Licensed Barber in Arlington, TX

Barber Classes

Are you interested in crossing over from cosmetology to becoming a barber? Come to State Barber School today! Lasting 300 hours, the course features a 40-hour-per-week or 20-hour-per-week option (with 8-hour or 4-hour sessions each day). You'll be able to provide full men's' haircuts, trimming, and shaving at a professional level. Call today--class admissions are available for students on a weekly basis.

Barber Instructor

Learn how to run your own barber school. This course is perfect for barbers who wish to take their skills to the next level. You can choose between a 750-hour course (for already trained barbers) and a 500-hour course (for experienced barbers with at least two years' experience). A range of scheduling options is available, including:

A Full-Time 5-Month Course A 7-Month Course (30 Hours per Week) A 10-Month Course (20 Hours per Week)

Hair Weaving

Learn a wide selection of hair weaving and wave maintenance techniques here at State Barber School. This is a 300-hour course, offered at 30 hours per week. And, after the course is complete, we'll even help with finding a job placement. Call today to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Learn Hair Weaving in Arlington, TX